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Plus Size Fashion Tips

Plus Size Fashion Tips

Plus Size Fashion Tips The Autumn/Winter fashion season is at its best. The holidays are just around the corner, so we thought we would update you with information on the hottest trends this season.

Plus Size Fashion Tips
Plus Size Fashion Tips

Straight off the catwalk, follow these fashion rules to stand out during the holidays and all season long.

Comfortable Tailoring

This is the smart and sexy look; a girly and playful but elegant office combination. Tailored styles and tweed fabrics are a perfect match.


Detailing has gone military this season; however the modern tailoring gives this particular look a sleek and womanly twist. Torrid have perfect combination for you ladies who would like to experiment with such items.

Feminine 50’s

Back to the days where minis were unheard of, ladies dressed girly and accessories were big! Back to knee length dresses, nipped-in waists, cool belts and big beads.


To give this retro image a touch of glamour and glam team is up with bold accessories, choose colors that stand out like purple and add in a touch of glitter or silver.

Plus Size Fashion Tips
Plus Size Fashion Tips

There is definitely no way you cannot look sexy in this retro housewife look. Visit Zafique to see for yourselves.
Sophisticated 70’s

Remember the 70’s. Dress big and chic by teaming up 70’s style fashion with luxury fabrics, knits and accessories that stand out.


Cape-styled coats are in and will keep you warm and snug. IGIGI will satisfy your appetite and your curves, should you want to go retro.

Peasant Prints

Think gypsies; a mix of peasant flair, things out of fairy tales and chic. Prints are casual but cool and feminine. To ass a touch of glamour to your look, if this style is your things, add sequins. Take a look at Alight, who has gone big on this type of look this season.

Plus Size Fashion Tips
Plus Size Fashion Tips

We have given you a taste of the basic that are in and ‚Äėhappening‚Äô this season. Make sure to add a touch of your own personality when applying these ideas and putting them into practice. As much as we love fashion we love to advocate individuality and style. Ladies shine!

Plus Size Clothing Stores on the Mainstream

The Plus size fashion industry is going well. Profits have been rolling in for retailers catering to plus size persons.

This is because America’s adults are growing not only in number but also in size. The average size is in fact already nearing the plus size, which is size 14. Moreover, customers pay more for plus sizes because they go on sale less often.

More existing clothing lines have added larger sizes to their racks. Some of which are Wal-mart, K-mart and Old Navy.


Retailers have recognized that for the past years there have been few clothing lines that cater to the larger people. The additional sizes have been great for the retailers because of the increased profit. The plus size business is doing well.


Many shops like Liz Clairborne Inc. launched plus size boutiques to expand their market. According to research, plus size women are very loyal to the labels they wear. This is the reason why the plus size market is very much lucrative at the moment.


The thought of being a plus size woman before created social stigma. It was then when fat would equal to ugly. Today, plus sizes are considered sexy, sultry, and stylish.


Dress Barn, and Daisy Fuentes has also noticed how much profits has increased during the past years once they added plus sizes to their racks.


Fuentes expresses that its for the sake of just designing plus sizes but she emphasizes that she wants to make sure that they look and feel right for the customer and flattering as well.


Each year, more and more new labels arise to provide the plus size women more selections in terms of fashion. Plus size women should worry no more.


Plus size clothing stores are not only found in your local mall or streets. Plus size fashion as also dominated the world of online shopping.


There are many online retailers that would like to serve the plus size market. They offer a wide array of clothes and accessories to matcht the plus size woman.


They also provide fashion tips. These tips would guide the woman on what to wear that would both hide the problem areas and flaunt those sexy curves.


Since the customers do not have the chance to fit the clothes they shop for online, many online stores deviced size charts.


These charts serve as a guide for the plus size woman. Furthermore, they also provide for ways to measure their size accurately. Sometimes, even some sites provide body analysis for more precise measurements.


Women of any size, of course, just want to look their best. They may be a super skinny or perhaps in a large frame, but it is no excuse not to be stylish and sexy. The identity of the plus size has changed.


Plus size fashion has spread its wings across the market. In fact, it is dominating the business industry.

Plus size clothing stores provides the plus size women with the needed variety in their clothing. To be plus size is no longer ackward in the eyes of many. Social norms have changed in the past years.


The women of the world, no matter what size have equal opportunities. The same goes with fashion statement. The plus size woman could look as gorgeous as the tall girl with the supermodel body.


Perhaps, what would separate the different women with various body type, is the way they carry themselves and most importanty their personality.

The Best Plus Size Suits For Job Interviews

You’ve fine-tuned your resume and landed that important interview for the perfect job. Now, you need to figure out what¬†plus¬†size¬†suits will make you look professional and stylish.

There are many options for¬†plus¬†size¬†suits, but let’s narrow down the search to what will give you the sharp image that you need to impress your interviewers.

What Type Of Job Are You Interviewing For?

When you begin searching through the racks of plus size suits, keep in mind the position for which you are interviewing.


If you are hoping for a job in a creative field such as advertising, art, fashion, or entertainment, you will want to choose more colorful fabrics and trendy styles in suits.


Potential accountants, bankers, and financial planners should stick to conservative colors, styles, and fabrics. And, if you are hoping to land a sales position, look for tailored suits in assertive colors.

Consider Your Body Type

No two bodies are alike, but here are some general guidelines that will help you select the best style for your figure. If you are top heavy, your best suit options will be single breasted with narrow lapels.


Ample hips and thighs can look slimmer with a duster or fingertip-length coat. If you have a shapely waist, peplums or jackets with fitted waists can play up your curves without looking too suggestive for an interview. Tall, leggy women always look great in pantsuits.

What To Wear Under The Jacket

If you have found the perfect interview suit, you will need to select a coordinating shell, blouse, or sweater for under the jacket.


This is where you can add some pizzazz with a bright color or interesting pattern. Stay away from frills, lace, or ruffles though.


The goal is to look streamlined and professional, not fussy or overtly sexy. As well, make sure that you are not showing cleavage. This is an absolute no-no for an interview.


Accessorize Carefully

Like it or not, you will be sized up during an interview. Too much jewelry and makeup, or scuffed, cheap looking shoes will give the wrong impression.


Take the time to refine your look by selecting one tasteful piece of jewelry. Keep your makeup and hairstyle simple. Polish your shoes and carry a professional looking handbag or attaché.

With these¬†tips¬†you will be well on your way to landing your new job. Make sure that you feel comfortable with what you are wearing, and don’t forget the most important thing that you can wear to any interview is a confident, friendly smile.


10 Tips To Minimizing A Plus Size Body Type

A plus size physique is no longer left out of the ever-changing world of fashion. Not so long ago, curvy women didn’t have the opportunity to shop from the same trendy selection as a more petite lady.

Luckily, plus size clothing has taken a turn for the better. To that end, there are a few tips to help in the selection of the most figure flattering attire for your body type.


Tip # 1
Dark, solid colors are slimming. Any plus size gal will recognize that black is the ultimate color to help in minimizing those curves. In addition to classic black, navy blue can also help to instantly provide the look of a slimmer physique.


Tip # 2
Princess seams. These are ideal for¬†plus¬†size¬†wear because of their slimming design. Princess seams are those that curve in, on both sides, to form a very lazy ‚ÄėC‚Äô stitch.


Tip # 3
Long sleeves help to minimize the appearance of full-figured arms or wrists. It happens to all of us. One day we wake up and our arms are no longer the tight shape that they once were, but that is what long sleeves are for. The length will minimize a plus size wrist or forearm and draw attention to any unwanted thickness in either area.


Tip # 4
Shorts may show off plus size thighs or leg, but capris pants with an ankle bracelet will draw the eye to the ankle and will decrease any signs of a plus size presence.


Tip # 5
Most plus size ladies want to wear baggy clothes, but this doesn’t hide anything. Always go for a more figure flattering approach. This doesn’t mean to wear tight clothes, but it does mean to wear something that accentuates the figure in good taste.


Tip # 6
If you have love handles, don’t wear extremely a snug shirt with jeans as this may make the bulge a little more obvious. Instead, wear your favorite jeans with an a-line or flutter shirt. This will hide any problem areas and maximize your sense of style.


Tip # 7
Do not wear clothes that are overly tight. This is simply bad taste. Enough said.


Tip # 8
A monochromatic look, meaning clothing that is all one color, can give the wearer a taller and more slim appearance.

And, after all, what woman wouldn’t want either of those characteristics in an outfit? Consider a black figure flattering top with a black pant in soft material. For a special touch, add a trendy belt, but take a look at the new you with an instantly slimmer look.


Tip # 9
A suntan will give a healthier and possibly even a slimming glow. A tan looks healthy and health is beautiful. Avoid the sun or a tanning bed, but check out a high quality self-tanning lotion instead.


Tip # 10
Control top pantyhose or a tummy control panty can help to eliminate belly bulge. Any woman, whether plus size or not, has a stomach. If you want to slim up your tummy area, either of these will help to minimize any bulge.

7 Advantages To Buying Plus Size Wedding Lingerie Online

Wedding lingerie is an important part of a bride’s trousseau because it allows a bride to feel elegant, desirable and sexy.

However, plus size brides often face a challenge finding wedding lingerie that will fit properly and look alluring for their special day and honeymoon.


By shopping online, the full-figured bride can easily find affordable, flattering, stylish, sexy plus size wedding lingerie!


There are many online lingerie stores that carry a large selection of plus size wedding lingerie. Many of these merchants focus exclusively on providing plus size lingerie that enhances and flatters the sensuous curves of fuller figures.


These plus size lingerie stores strive to provide quality products that provide the same sexy feel as smaller sized intimates, with fuller coverage that many plus size women prefer.


By shopping online at one of the top plus size lingerie stores, the full-figured bride can find a variety of wedding lingerie, including baby dolls, bustiers, corsets, teddies, fantasy costumes, leather, as well as tantalizing treats and accessories!


Many of these merchants offer super plus size lingerie in sizes up to 6x, to fit the fullest plus size figures.


There are many advantages to buying plus size wedding lingerie online. They include:


‚ÄĘ Free shipping

Many of the top online plus size lingerie stores offer free standard shipping for newsletter and email subscribers, for purchases shipped inside the continental U.S. or for lingerie purchases over a certain amount.


‚ÄĘ First time discounts and gifts

Many of the top online plus size lingerie stores offer discounts for first time shoppers. The best lingerie merchants offer free gifts and frequent buyer rewards.


‚ÄĘ Easy return policies

The best online plus size lingerie stores allow unworn items to be returned for a refund, exchange or store credit.


‚ÄĘ Email lists and newsletters

The top online plus size lingerie merchants offer email and newsletter subscriptions that feature the latest plus size lingerie news, sales, specials and coupons.


‚ÄĘ Discreet packaging

The best online¬†plus¬†size¬†lingerie stores will ship lingerie orders in plain packaging. The words ‚Äúplus¬†size¬†wedding lingerie‚ÄĚ will not appear on the outside of the package.


‚ÄĘ Selection

The top online plus size lingerie stores offer a wide variety of plus size wedding lingerie in sizes and styles above and beyond what the full-figured bride could expect to find in retail stores.


‚ÄĘ Privacy

The full-figured woman can shop for plus size wedding lingerie in the comfort and privacy of her own home.

By shopping online, finding pretty plus size wedding lingerie can be a breeze!


The full-figured bride can find a great selection of sophisticated and flattering plus size wedding lingerie that will help make her look and feel sexy, confident, and beautiful on her wedding day!

Plus Size Swimwear РLook Slimmer When You Wear It.

When you wear the right size plus size swimwear, you can actually look slimmer than you are. With plus size swimwear,

ladies who are a little overweight can look their best and still enjoy the hot summer weather. Wearing swimwear that is too small shows out the bulges much more and makes them seem even bigger than they are.

Plus size swimwear does not mean old-fashioned styles because plus size swimwear is available in all the latest fashions.


It is often hard to find plus size swimwear when you visit a regular department store. All you can find on the racks are the tiny bikinis that probably wouldn’t fit around your leg.


You start to wonder whether you are the only one that has this problem with the lack of plus size swimwear that is available.


There are specialty stores that do carry plus size swimwear lines for women. Because this is often a special line that the store carries each year, it is very hard to find something unique.


Most of the time, the swim wear is all the same color and style. And plus size swimwear may also be very expensive and this doesn’t fit in your budget.


A lot of women want to find cheap plus size swimwear because they are buying it for a holiday and probably won’t wear it that often when they return home. You wear plus size swimwear on holidays, bring it home with you.


One place where you will easily be able to find cheap plus size swimwear is at the online retailers. These retailers do not carry an inventory and most of them do not have a bricks and mortar store.


When you place an order for plus size swimwear, you can get it cheap because the retailer doesn’t need to have as much mark up to make a profit. One advantage of ordering your plus size swimwear online is the wide variety you have to choose from.


Online stores have plus sizes in swimwear from designers that would cost you a fortune at a regular store. This is one way you can have the latest fashions in the swim wear you choose and the prices are often so cheap, you might decide to buy two or more swimwear items.


Finding¬†plus¬†size¬†swimwear doesn‚Äôt have to be frustrating ‚Äď do it at your own pace and time by shopping online.

Plus size swimwear is good looking, fits you and is cheaper online.

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